Friday, March 11, 2005

Police investigate Nairn e-bay ad

Looks like somebody was trying to sell something they shouldn’t on e-bay. Ever heard of Tamiflu? A drug that should only be sold on prescription. It is an anti-viral tablet given to flu sufferers and people in contact with them. According to the P&J the tablets were receiving bids of up to £100. Nairn police are investigating after a complaint was made and e-bay have withdrawn the ad. ‘The complaint related to an address in Nairn.’
Aren’t Garlic pills or Echinacea meant to be useful against getting bugs and flu? Aren’t mineral and vitamin tabs a good defence too, in this day and age where so much of our food can lose its nutritional benefits before it reaches us.
‘Bird-flu’ is a frightening prospect and some experts say it is inevitable that it will become a pandemic, others are not so sure but has the black market in treatments already started?
Perhaps farming poultry in such intolerable conditions has had something to do with the danger that now faces us?

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Nairn said...

Natural products? Not alot of profit in garlic, unless of course you are 'the really garlicy company'. Ebay is great, a few pills reach a £100, £25 tickets for Billy Connolly at Eden Court going for £200! Must sort through my junk; sorry I mean useful to someone else items.
I guess chicken flu is not a new chinese takeaway dish and the 'experts' warning us that a major flu is duw has us reaching for eBay? There are certainly enough huge battery chicken houses around Nairn in which said flu could emerge from. In this day and age I questuin as to how folk can still eat battery products, cost I guess :-(