Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Concerned residents start protest group but are they too late?

The Gurn had heard that a petition against the 51 flats on Maggot Road was doing the rounds and now a protest meeting is being held in the Community Centre tomorrow. Maybe those upset by this development have something they think can halt the process or at least force a reconsideration but to all intents and purposes it seems that the decision to build the homes is done and dusted. Four storeys is out of character though isn't it? It would be nice if a last minute compromise could be made to reduce the height to three storeys.

In the picture you can see the turn off to the Maggot. Click on it to see a larger version if you like. The blue car is trying to cross the stream of traffic heading west. You can see the two keep clear areas that are just in front of the traffic lights. Will there be a need for a third one in front of the Maggot Road turn off as the traffic movements of the 51 households are added to the existing movements up and down that road?

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