Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Only 23% do the majority of their shopping in Nairn?

That is one of the results of the Survey done by Pettifer Estates and it is probably not all that far off the mark if you consider how many Nairnites you can see in Tescotown or Tesco's in Forres. The survey is well worth a read and you can get in here (just keep pressing on next from the first page onwards.
It has been, of course, no secret that lots of Nairn money goes out of town each week. It still will of course when you spend in a chain store in town but at least a few more people won't have to travel 16 miles to work everyday. 
If Sainsbury's are successful maybe they could construct a rail halt over at the industrial estate and keep a few more lorries off the road?  Could they take advantage of HIE's review of northern freight routes?

'Workshops will be held in Inverness and Aberdeen in May.
The aim will be to bring together operators, businesses and authorities to discuss the key issues and ways of improving freight facilities.''
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Nairn said...

Shopping has become a leisure pursuit so much so that I am surprised you can't buy an 'I shop at x' sports top.
If you have a car therefore you are going to go for a spin to Forres or Inverness for your shop - be exotic and go to Elgin?
We all waste so much food. How many folk plan their weeks meals before they go food shopping? How many BOGOF offers go in your bin?
And why 24/7 opening hours for many supermarkets, does this not just put stress on staff especially those with children - and are working conditions just crap?
But heh, as long as Nairn gets 'a' new supermarket will anyone care? and how long before we are jumping in our cars to go for a spin to Forres or Inverness for our shop - be exotic and go to Elgin?