Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Inverness councillor discussing Nairn planning matters

Have you got your Nairnshire yet? No, well rush out and buy it, the front page article is a treat. 'Confused over Nairn Plan'. A Nairn planning matter was discussed at the Inverness, Nairn, Badenoch and Strathspey planning committee. Councillor John Holden let fire with some very old Labour comments. He is quoted in the Nairnshire:

'We don't see our major developers going around town on bicycles or walking. We actually see them in their big Rolls-Royces and Mercedes; so stop conning us in relation to developer contributions. The developers don't pay it; it is passed onto the purchaser of the house.'

Now that is absolute rubbish, Donald Trump doesn't have a Rolls-Royce - he has a plane. Things must be desperate in Inverness if Cllr Holden sees so many developers driving round in their big Rolls-Royces and Mercedes but here in Nairn the Gurn knows of at least two developers who are prepared to walk the streets amongst the rest of us. Are you a developer? Is Cllr Holden right in what he says?
Answers on a postcard to 'Behind the bikesheds, Glenurquart Road, Inverness.'

The Gurn notes from Cllr Holden's non-financial interests that he is a 'Giant Carboot Sale Organiser'. Well if you have a giant Rolls-Royce or Mercedes better not turn up at that one then.
And thank's to John Holden's party's policies a lot of people have to use their car more to get to the nearest post office, be it a Mercedes or a Trabant they possess.

'Don't follow leaders, watch the Parking Meters.'

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