Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Movement for the Cooperative Movement?

Just type in'Somerfield sale' into Google to keep up with the latest rumours, facts and speculation. Interesting indeed is a page on Crain's Manchester Business site.
Crain's suggest that if the coop made a move on Somerfield then they would have to sell some stores on again, would that include Nairn?

'In the convenience store sector the Co-op has 7.9 per cent and is third behind Tesco (9.6 per cent) and Spar (9.2 per cent). With the addition of Somerfield's convenience stores it would have 9 per cent.

But James Flower, from research group Verdict, believes the Co-op would have to sell some of the 955 Somerfield stores if the deal went through.'

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