Tuesday, April 01, 2008

'From Littlehampton to Blackpool, Nairn to Poulton, Kenilworth to Great Doddington, the furies are massing'

'Try this experiment. Go to a search engine of your choice and type in "post office protest". When I did so, Google gave me over a million results. Scan through them, and you'll find a remarkable similarity in the stories.' Writes Paul Kingsnorth on Comment is free at the Guardian website.
He detects stirrings in the population concerned about their vanishing identity: 
'They are rising up, now, all over the nation. Recently, researching a book on just this subject, I was surprised to see just how widely this is happening, usually far below the media radar. '

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Nairn said...

Have to remember that democracy was born out of protest.
I'm getting a little long in the tooth for nights in jail and days in court but would like to think I will still be there supporting the front line!