Tuesday, April 15, 2008

The joys of motoring in Nairn

Welcome to Nairn (well nearly welcome to Nairn), your wait starts here please be patient! - we might have a by-pass in about 20 or 30 years! (Isn't it about time we had another of those pictures of a politician standing by the side of the road to show us how busy it is?).
And anyway just down from here our civic leaders are contemplating a housing scheme of 500 houses and a nice big roundabout.
Click the pic for a better look - more of the jams can be seen here at the Gurn slideshow vault.

More and more people are using Sandown Farm Lane as a rat run. This is leading to a new smaller jam on Marine Road at peak times. One Fishertown resident reports that she took her car up to the Cawdor Road Post Office, the Harbour Street one no longer being an option, and it took her 45 minutes to get back to the Fishertown.


Nairn said...

I'm not sure as to what went wrong tonight with the traffic. I know Bear have been tinkering with the traffic lights at the Lochloy Road junction.
It doesn't take much to go wrong for the evening rush hour traffic to hit gridlock as it heads east through Nairn.
There are just too many snags to hit, and well... just too many vehicles.
Flexi time in Inverness, better public transport, triple road tax, increase the price of petrol to £10 a litre, vote for me!? No you love your cars
We live in a dream economy in terms of personal debt and our transport systems seem to be in a similar way - just sweep in under the carpet and see it all again tomorrow evening!

His Girl Friday said...

You all sound like you're becoming like Los Angeles! :/ I dread going there, and there are parts of the day/week that are absolutely horrid beyond the regular horrid. Flexi time and better public transport are key, I would think.