Sunday, April 13, 2008

Victorianisation of the Fishertown? Iright is scunnered with it all and he has a megagurn for us...

Iright writes:

'Another phase of fake Victorianism is hitting the Fishertown, more street lighting is being replaced by plastic Victorian like gas lights. It would probably be a sociologist's dream to study the effect on the populace, will they adopt fake Victorian principles as well? The new old lights are replacements for the aging 60's? lamp complete with new placements of the pole. I wonder as to how many folk are going to be scunnered by a new view of a street lamp as the the new poles are going in places many feet from the old ones? And one can only hope that the old lamps will be put into storage by the council so that when a plea comes to replace the fake Victorian efforts they can wheel out the genuine 60's article. Alongside telegraph poles and overhead wiring (Would the money not have been better spent putting the wires underground?), satellite dishes, road signs, phone booths, flat roofs, cars etc the new lights really do give a quaint effect to the Fishertown? I think not! Fake plastic is on the move though as there are even reproduction plastic plant holders on the lamp postsSquinting through sepia coloured specs the end result is... well fake. Whatever next, a genuine gnome in every fishertown garden, or maybe a fake outside lavie?'

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Graisg said...

Highland Council = chaos theory?