Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Nairn youth show their elders how to approach a problem in a more sensitive manner

Contrasting the other approach with this style, the Gurn has no doubt which is the more effective way forward.
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Nairn said...

I happen to live near the 'dirty protest' painted on the road last Sunday (As featured in the Gurn).
Graffiti even if it created by Banksy
is not always welcome in any community, and our local ‘artist’ managed to offend just about everyone no matter where your mind sits on the matter of dog poo.
Innocently working in my garden I was accosted by a highly irate passing dog owner who quizzed me as to my stance on the poo question.
Any rational he might have had had been shot by the painted message dubbing all dog owners as ‘filthy’. He was not happy and wanted to beat the human poo out of whoever had scarred the road, my attempt at reasoning only put me in the frame and by the end of our very short conversation he had me down as the phantom painter.
I don’t like dog poo – period, especially that which attaches itself to my shoes. I find myself looking at the ground when walking rather than the landscape and travels after dark require the aid of a torch beam.
I used to talk with passing dog owners on a regular basis but now wonder as to how many will think I was behind the filthy message? (I confess I am not a dog owner) – please still talk with me!
The young person’s poster (As featured in this post of the Gurn) is much more mature than the graffiti painted on the road. It is a lighthearted reminder, not a bitter, twisted accusation against all dog owners
For myself I hope to be able to talk with passing dogs and their owners again but am half expecting some poo through the letterbox – who knows?