Monday, April 07, 2008

A reader asks...

Would Nairn accept a not so ethical supermarket or do we not give a shit?
Sorry if the swear word upsets you, the Gurn rarely uses bad language but that question seems such a normal question in this new uncertain millennium that it is almost a polite blast from the past. And the reason for the question? Well the Guardian reports
'The supermarket chain Asda wants overseas suppliers excluded from a new code of conduct which is designed to ensure that the big grocers do not use their buying power to impose unfair trading terms.'

More here 'Asda wants ethical code for UK suppliers only'. And of course that is if Asda ever was or still is one of the permutations for the Nairn supermarket scene (A thought process that can be quite dizzy at times).


Nairn said...

Cheap food has been the UK's goal since Victorian times. The past twenty years have seen the percentage of the wage packet spent of food shrink by a huge margin. But now the high cost of wheat, poor crops, and demand for bio fuel are pushing up the costs where it hurts
Some UK farmers have asked if they can be seen as Fair Trade in order to try and obtain a better deal from the supermarkets
Asda is maybe gambling that with prices hitting the shoppers pockets their customers are going to be happy to put their conscience behind them and go for the lower prices?
Whatever our present food system is based on cheap fuel, cheap animal feed, and cheap labour.
All that has gone so we need to stop and think again as to what we eat and where it comes from no matter what Asda do or don't do

looksharp said...

Nairn,the apathy capital of the universe,need I say more?

looksharp said...

Nairn,the apathy capital of the world,sounds better

Graisg said...

Noticed in Nairn yesterday,someone's favourite loaf had gone up from £1.23 to £1.36. Perhaps not entirely connected with the advancing global food shortage but none the less a rise of over 10%. Another 10% next week?
Elsewhere in the world it is, of course, a matter of life or death instead of inconvenience. It seems also that people might have to die of hunger so that we can have the choice of biofuels in our cars. The changeover that many farmers have made to biofuels being one of the main reasons of the world food shortage. And then of course try putting rust fungus Ug99 into the google search engine if you really want to get worried about the price of a loaf.