Monday, August 29, 2011

40 years ago this week - Do you remember these bands?

Coming soon an amazing gig in September 1971 - cost 90p!


Kipper Tie said...

Yes I do Pop Pickers, the band Windy Miller came from Elgin, & My
Dear Watson came fae Buckie both excellent groups, happy times at The Ballers with one of the greatest nights ever with the almighty Slade who were fantastic
with the audience begging for more
& would not let them of the stage until they did a few more numbers even the bouncers were dancing on stage that night. Saw Status Quo,
Pickity Witch, Christie, Fleetwood Mac, Beggars Opera, Jucy Lucy, Geno Washington & his Ram Jam Band, Hot Chocolate, Tear Gas, Writing on the Wall who were brilliant, String Driven Thing,all play at The Ballerina who were a joy to the ears no wonder I am a bit deaf.

Anonymous said...

Deaf is right, I remember coming out and your ears would be ringing for hours, but glad to have been a teenager during those years when great music was emerging.