Monday, August 01, 2011

Route 20 - New Nairn town bus service from Aug 1

Anyone thinking of jumping on the bus to see what the new supermarket will have to offer can find the timetable here and a map of the route here. Please note the bus starts today but the supermarket opens on Wednesday.


About Me said...

I am curious. How do the 20 and the 20A go north along the one way High Street? Are their routes a cunning if dangerous way of avoiding lots of traffic lights?

Anonymous said...

Clearly routes 20 and 20a were drawn up by some one back at the office with a sat nav. Even the timetable suggests that they run both up and down the High Street!

It is of course possible that the High Street is being made two way again

Anonymous said...

Is there no Tradespark route any more?

Graisg said...

Sorry no idea anon, not much idea of how the town service used to run either, tend to go everywhere by bicycle.
Perhaps Stagecoach can help?