Thursday, August 11, 2011

Nairn Academy - a private school?

Former Nairn Academy pupil Fraser Nelson appeared on the special "#ukriots" Question Time this evening and gave quite a good performance giving John Prescott a bit of a doing on the subject of education. Prescott inferred that Fraser had attended a private school and therefore wasn't qualified to comment on state education. Fraser Nelson (the Spectator editor) responded that Prescott hadn't achieved much during the 13 years of Labour rule. Anyway it's all caused quite a stir on twitter. Perhaps a few folk need to educate themselves as to the nature of the education system in Scotland however. Some of the twitterati have been rushing to find web details of Fraser's education and jumping to the wrong conclusion entirely. They seem to assume because it is Nairn "Academy" then it must be a posh private school as you can see demonstrated in the two images above taken from twitter this evening.


Anonymous said...

Och I put that pair of numpties straight!

***Bring back the boring choice***

Rod said...

Always be afraid of men from Hull, Prescott is but one and then there's Emu as well!