Tuesday, August 02, 2011

Inverness seagulls must be really nasty

"A COUNCILLOR has demanded that urgent action is taken against the threat of "menacing" seagulls in Inverness, after his pregnant niece was attacked by a bird.

Kenneth MacLeod, who represents Millburn on Highland Council, wants it to consider measures to control the gull population which could mean a licenced cull." More on the Courier

Anticipate more talk and eventually a press release? As we pointed out recently seagulls and the problems they cause in towns and cities are not new issues. It was being talked about here in Nairn in 1985 .

More details on the problem in Nairn here.


Anonymous said...

the gulls were here long before houses were built,they got a right to live as well as all other creatures,leave them along

nairnguy said...

In my opinion a cull is long over due.The birds are coming more and more inland apart from the very annoying noise they make they are becoming more aggressive towards people.I seen it with my own eyes a young girl walking with a chippy and a gull snatched the food of her just the other week.Yes it's a seaside town and they come with the town but should we put up with this ????

Nairn Gow said...

Aye! ye cannae beat a Local Gow rite enuf.

Anonymous said...

Pedantic would like to point out that "licensed" is the correct spelling.The verb is -to licenSe,whereas the noun is -licenCe.
Similarly-to practiSe and the noun- practice.