Monday, August 01, 2011

Nairn stories in the P&J

Two Nairn stories in the P&J today. Looks like the Nairn Show was a mega success with more than 5,500 people going through the gate. You can read a bit on the P&J site but you have to sign up for the digital edition which will cost you or pop into the library and read their hard copy if you don't want to pay for your own.

And an expert is prediction Sainsbury's might be the best thing for Nairn:

"Jeff Collins, head of Allied Souter & Jaffrey, said the new 25,000sq ft Sainsbury’s, which is due to open on Wednesday, would provide an opportunity for the town to cash in on the influx of shoppers."

A little more here. That is in fact what one or two non-expert folk have been predicting too, the trick being to tempt folk up the High Street, down the beach etc.

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