Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Rhymes of the times

contributed by Doncat

Gullview Hotel

Chips at the harbour

Chips in the street

Nae wonder gulls like Nairn

For there’s plenty chips tae eat.

Regal Art

They’re tartin’ up the Regal

An’ no’ a day too soon

It’s been too long an eyesore

Spoilin’ oor wee toon.

Pure Nectar

The Supermarket saga has finally reached an end

And they give you back a tenner for every grand you spend

They’ve even got a shelter where the bus can drap you aff

But please ,oh Mr Sainsbury could you open up a Caff.


Anonymous said...

Co-op pays out more to members with a card than the Sainsbury's Nectar scheme

Graisg said...

How do they compare on % terms then?

Anonymous said...

Co-op members are in effect the shareholders of the company, so the amount they are given twice each year depends on the profits for that years trading. On the example on their website the payout for that year was roughly £30 per £1000 spend
The Co-op also has a fair trade policy meaning that their producers get a fair payment for their goods. Higher prices for the consumer but who would deny a farmer a fair wage, especially if they are from a poorer economy than ours