Thursday, August 25, 2011

Nairn not so 3G yet?

One of our regular readers has input a Nairn post code into a BBC survey page and this is the result. The BBC page does give a few caveats however:

"Each box on the map indicates the average reception within that area over the survey period. Areas showing no coverage could be the result of a single phone losing signal. The map does not take into account factors such as reduced reception while in buildings. The map is not intended to replace the service providers' own coverage maps when making a decision about taking out a mobile phone contract."

It would be interesting to know if this is actually the case for Nairn and how many people took part locally, the boxes along the A96 suggest that people passing through Nairn who were participating with the BBC application have had an influence on the results. So how smart is your smartphone at times in and around Gurnshire? Here's the relevant BBC page if you want more information on their survey.


Snowman said...

On holiday in July staying in Old Barr Rd, signal was terrible, no 3G making web surfing painfully slow. Sitting in the middle of the East Beach however, great 3G signal!!??
Overall, poor 3G coverage on our travels in Moray.

Anonymous said...

All this tells us is that not many people of the 44,000 who downloaded the app travelled through Nairn !

Anonymous said...

I agree i hate the fact Nairn has rubbish 3G network never mind (4G). I would be happy if we just had 3G, I am on Vodafone so will be changing to EE as they have a good enough signal 3g at the moment but i was told by Vodafone. If people in Nairn complain (Gurn) then Vodafone will put a mast up.

e.g. other networks will do the same Hopefully.