Tuesday, August 16, 2011

On the buses - the missing ingredient

Liz is trying to get the obvious omission sorted! Maybe someone thought it would all work by magic?

Here's the previous article with a copy of the timetable. Come on Laurie get the bling out and pose for a picture at one of the new bus stops in the Fishertown (once someone finds out where they are of course).

UPDATE: 19.24 - Liz gets some essential information. It's hail and ride - no need for bus stops. Still think Laurie should polish the bling however.


Anonymous said...

If Councillor MacDonald didn't know vital information about this service then how were any potential passengers supposed to know?

Bus station said...

I think but I'm not sure that the new bus going through the Fishertown is a white minibus. I've seen it a few times now zooming about devoid of any passengers!
Good to see it in operation, but even better had there been bus stops, timetables, and information before the service started - horse before the cart?!

Anonymous said...

What does the bus look like? Which company is running it? Can I hail *any* bus I spot in the Fishertown or west end?!

Very few people know about this new service, and those who do know of its existence don't know how to access it!