Thursday, September 18, 2014

A semi-optimistic gurn from one of our regular readers

Our correspondent writes:

"I'm not local but I love this place and will never move from Nairn. How I got here is only of interest to me! My family is here and it's home to us. Because of my work, I meet and talk to a lot of people. Anyhow, everybody I’ve spoken to has had strong feelings and opinions about the referendum. Apathy has been absent. It's been a long campaign. Some of us will get the result we wanted and some will be disappointed. That’s how it was always going to be and anyone, on either side, who looks forward to a long victory celebration, might be disappointed too. 

The reason is this: it will not be important tomorrow how we voted today.

We’ll still be here and we’ll still all have to live and work together. ‘Yes’ or ‘No’, we need to remain good neighbours, positive about the many good things about Nairn and to make the best of things that will still need to be improved.

It’s deluded to imagine that politicians in either Edinburgh or London care about us, except when they need our votes to keep themselves in a job. As a separate, sovereign country or as part of the larger Union, we’ll still be subject to a centralised and impersonal system, and we’ll need to stay on guard against remote decision makers. The Gurn is a strong local voice. Whatever the result today, local voices need to be heard even more. Good luck. "


Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Let's work together. Graisg, as you seem to know everything about Nairn perhaps you could share a post to help keep people engaged. I'm not sure if this is available elsewhere but what I'd really like to see is a central place where we can see the various community groups and local charities, what they do, how to get involved or volunteer. Let's all keep engaged in the community.