Thursday, September 25, 2014

Bikebug 1,000 mile Winter Cycling Challenge

An interesting initiative from a local company to try and keep us on our bicycles over the winter months. 


1. Mileage to be verified at Bikebug Nairn on cycling specific computers after 25.9.14
2. Mid way check to be completed at Bikebug Nairn from 19 to 24 December
3. Final verification to be completed at Bikebug Nairn by 31st march 2015
4. All cycling must be undertaken out of doors.

Register now FREE at Bikebug, Falconers Lane, Nairn


Anonymous said...

jeez - just use strava/mapmyride/or any number of gps logging tools to verify mileage/date/times/outdoors etc.

Graisg said...

Do you need a decent phone for mapmyride anon or will a crappy android do? Would love to give that a try.

E.Maree said...

Android should work fine! I'm not a fan of MapMyRide's Android app but Strava is good, as is Runkeeper (which has a cycling option, despite the name).

The apps are excellent for short trips, but they aren't much use for long activities (6 hours+ cycles or walks) because having GPS burns through battery life. Maybe that's why Bikebug prefers cycle computers?

Anonymous said...

on most phones you can turn off the actual network signal , and data too, and save heaps of battery or take out the sim. You can buy gps watches from aldi for 20quid and upload that to phone or pc, and the watches last ages, as well as not having to find space on the handle bar.

Graisg said...

thanks anon