Sunday, September 07, 2014

South Nairn - more comment on the dismissal of the planning appeal

Earlier this weekend we published the Scottish Government Reporter's conclusions here. They are very interesting reading. We also said we would publish more comment from one of the team that gave evidence at the appeal hearing. Here's some more of what West CC Secretary, Brian Stewart, had to say to the Gurn about the decision:

"This demonstrates that the local community can influence planning decisions, and the future shape of our town, if we put together a well-researched case and work together. The case to the Appeal was based on careful and detailed work over many months. I want to pay tribute to the small team of local colleagues who worked so hard to put together and present our case to the Reporter at the Appeal hearings, and to express appreciation for the way in which we were able to work together with the Highland Council legal team and advisers.

 I also want to applaud those elected Councillors who were prepared to speak up and stand up for Nairn and the community and to speak out against this development when it came to Committee and then at the Appeal. They faced huge pressure from the Council leadership, and it required courage to challenge and overrule the recommendation by Highland Council planning officials. Their robust support was appreciated, and the outcome fully justifies their approach. 

 But we do need to remember that this was just one application, for one site. We all accept that Nairn needs to grow, and that Nairn South and other sites will be developed. The key point, which the Reporter's decision underlines, is that prospective developers, and Council planners, need to deliver appropriate, sensible, balanced and sustainable development which takes proper account of local needs and constraints. If they do so, they can expect support. If they persist in making unrealistic and unacceptable proposals, they will continue to face robust scrutiny and challenge."


Anonymous said...

Aye well done to all. You've just broken the dreams of every young person in Nairn hoping to buy a new house and get on the property ladder. Hope your proud of yourself.

Anonymous said...

First thing if you sort out the road system, then you can build the new development. So the planner is right in this case. Where would you build the new road system, since you have all the idea's, but no solution. Cawdor Road is past full capacity, and something needs to be done.

Get real said...

I'm sorry anon@8.54pm, but how many young people or, come to that, people of any age would be able to afford to buy these houses? Especially people on local wages? Have you tried to get a mortgage these days?
Who were these houses going to be for, certainly not for people who live here at the moment. So why not put the infrastructure in and start building council/social houses for people living locally?

Anonymous said...

@ GET REAL: Why put people into categories? everyone's situations are different!

I live in Nairn, Work in Inverness, I am 30 and I own a house in Nairn, I may have looked at moving to a newer bigger house. I know guys younger than me in a position to buy houses but there not liking the look of the current houses being built by the contractor in the east of Nairn.

You want to encourage people to buy there own house, not be handed it to them by the council, some people then don't even respect the house there given and then expect a bigger one when there situation changes!

Come the 18th with our vote things could change!

So Speak for your self and GET REAL!

Anonymous said...

Handed houses by the council? Anon@2.10, aren't you aware that people have to pay rent and, before you say it, not everyone gets housing benefit (and you don't have to be a council tenant for that either). On top of that there are the waiting lists where some people have to wait years. Not everyone is in the same position as you are, as you say, everyone's situation is different and some people will never be in a position to be able to buy a house or get a mortgage.

Anonymous said...

@Anon 2:10

You're exceptionally lucky to own your own house and have the luxury of being able to afford an even bigger one

Most folk I know are in privately rented places. More than half my take home pay goes on rent so I have no chance of saving for a property on the open market, and unless a lot more social housing becomes available renting is my future

Many folk make money out of new properties as somehow they are able to buy them and then rent them out. In many cases it's the tax payer who adds to their profits as so much housing benefit is being paid out

We need to change this. My only hope is for a Yes vote on the 18th