Sunday, September 14, 2014

Parking complaints - Liz MacDonald responds to Community Councillors

At their regular meeting on Wednesday night Nairn River Community Councillors discussed the lack of parking enforcement in Nairn. Liz was present and she responded when Iain Henderson said that the Council now had responsibility for parking:

"Yes but we haven't figured out how it is going to be done yet Iain, it has to come to a report. They are looking at different methods to be sympathetic to different areas. They're looking at using our existing staff and giving them powers to enforce and decriminalise it, so there's a whole load of issues that will be coming forward that we...the police gave it up and we we'rent ready for it but we have to take it over."

Jeanne Tolmie then said; "But it is no excuse not to sort the traffic out."

Liz responded: "I know but if people are parking illegally on pavements and things then that is still is the police's responsibility."


Unknown said...

its about high time the police sorted it out,its getting beyond a joke,lorries and vans parked on pavements,cars,vans,and even a police car parked in disabled bays,political venues set up on pavements,seats and signs obstructing pavements outside cafes,its a bloody joke,you are now safer walking on the road as there is more room.

Graisg said...

To be fair to delivery drivers, the new streetscape design meant that there are places in the High Street that leave drivers with little or no option to park/drive on the the pavement.
Take the brae for example.If a wider vehicle is parked in the bay often vehicles passing it will have to have one wheel on the pavement to get past.

Unknown said...

if the loading bays were used for what they were intended for,loading/unloading only,and kept clear of illegal parkers,there would be no need to park on pavements
narrowing the high street was a huge mistake.

Anonymous said...

Last thing Nairn needs is the council Nazi's to be put in charge of parking.

Graisg said...

mmm Anon, your point might have had more impact if put another way. The "Reductio ad Hitlerum" side of things can be a double-edged step

Nairn has had a few problems and bones to pick with Highland Council in recent years but whatever they are and whatever they have done they are certainly not Nazis.

Anonymous said...

the council could make loads of money if they rigourously enforce parking,a £60 fine on all illegally parked cars will sort them out,and generate badly needed income,people know the rules when they passed their tests,and if they decide to illegally park,,then they should accept the consequences too.