Monday, September 22, 2014

Guerrilla Gardeners Strike Again - KNC Weekend action in Nairn

Report and pictures from our gurdening correspondent

In another local sign of the changing seasons, the green-fingered volunteers of Keeping Nairnshire Colourful have been out on the streets and open spaces of Nairn again. This time the area by the Grantown Road traffic-light junction was the venue for another bulb-planting initiative. On Saturday morning some familiar figures - and some new participants - gathered to plant daffodil and crocus bulbs, ready to add to the roadside displays next spring. 

With the help of Archie from Broadley Garden Centre and Kevin from Sleigh Landscapes - whose tractor, mole plough and turf cutter were essential - the KNC gang, together with a group of enthusiastic volunteers from Sainsburys, planted hundreds of bulbs in the grassy space beside the Grantown road junction and along the A96 towards the Sainsburys' store.

Provided the contractors take care not to behead them all when they start their 2015 grass-cutting schedule, there should be an extensive display of yellow, white and purple flowers there next spring for people to see and enjoy. Over the past few years KNC have planted thousands of bulbs along Nairn's roadsides and in various green spaces including the A96 verges by Moss-side Road, the Links recreation park, and the field below the cemetery.


Anonymous said...

Well done to everyone, I bet it will look smashing come the spring!

growtosow said...

it should make for a nice display. good to see some new ones came along to help with the planting. thanks to all who came along it will all be worth it.

Wee Eck said...

I hope they spell out "YES"

Anonymous said...

@ wee eck


Never forget the dafs coming up that the community service lads planted in Inverness. Brilliant for those that remember