Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Provost makes pro-Union intervention and uses Nairn's traffic lights in his argument

In the letters column of the Nairnshire Telegraph this week, Nairn Provost Laurie Fraser sets out his pro-Union view on the referendum. Summing up his arguments he refers to the Nairn traffic lights:

"We have two SNP councillors in Nairn, we have an SNP-led administration in Inverness, an SNP member of the Scottish Parliament and an SNP Scottish government. Yet, we still, after three years cannot get the traffic lights at the A96 and Lochloy Road to work properly. Where is the social justice for the poor motorist travelling through Nairn?"  More in this week's Nairnshire.


Just a minute said...

The SNP to blame for the lights? Sainsbury's opened in 2011. The SNP led administration has only been in operation at Highland Council since May 2012.
Laurie cannot have it both ways. Why didn't he speak up to stop the lights when his administration was in power and the lights were approved?

By the way wasn't Liz MacDonald sacked as Provost for being "political"?

Fat Eck said...

Oh dear.... The SNP have been in administration for two and a half years, the independents just eight months from Sainsbury opening. Liz was sacked for being political WHILE performing the duties as Provost and as long as Laurie was not on official Provost business and wearing the chains of office, he is free to give whatever opinion he wishes. Just because you dont agree with him dosnt mean he is wrong.

Anonymous said...

Ha ha Fat Eck, Laurie signs the letter as Provost. And the traffic lights were a long,long time coming before Sainsbury's opened. Why didn't Councillors stop them in their tracks?

Spurtle said...

Laurie does have a valid point in reflecting the ineptitude of officialdom in their attempts to sort the traffic light issues.

It is quangos/agencies/ALO's like Transport Scotland that would be charged with running the country, should the Mel Gibson supporters win the day....and those agencies can't even sort the traffic lights in a one horse town, given four years or more to do so.

Doesn't fill you with confidence........

Braveheart, the worst film ever said...

I've closely followed the referendum for over two years now but have to bow to the knowledge of the mighty Spurtle as not once in that time have I come across the 'Mel Gibson' group, nor any of his supporters.

Not knowing which way this group sways with the up and coming referendum I'm astounded that Spurtle states that they might 'win the day', I can only assume he has real insider knowledge of this group and indeed may be a member

I've never really rated Mel Gibson as an actor but perhaps he's shit hot when it comes to Scottish and UK politics, and has a huge underground following of people like Spurtle

But knowing so little I would have to agree with Spurtle that this doesn't fill me with confidence

I'll maybe just vote Yes as I know where I am then

The Jacobite said...

And we also have a major problem on the station brae why not blame the SNP government for that as well

Spurtle said...

I'll maybe just vote Yes as I know where I am then

If it turns out to be up a creek, I have a spare paddle :)