Thursday, September 25, 2014

Michael Green’s Nairn Common Good initiative “premature” says Liz

Liz is the chair of the Nairn, Badenoch and Strathspey Area committee and she spoke to the Gurn earlier this evening in response to Michael Green’s call (made in a statement to the area committee in Kingussie earlier today) for debate on public involvement in determining the future role of the Nairn Common Good Fun (see Gurn article here).

Liz stated that the present administration had prioritised officers time on dealing with previous mistakes in the common good and asset register, not just in Nairn but across Highland.

Liz went on to say: “I said Michael’s statement was premature and shouldn't pre-empt the report that is coming to the eighty Highland Council members on the common good, which should be to the benefit of the people of Nairn. I also said afterwards that this is the first time ever that Highland Council is not being run by independents and great improvements have been made to the common good accounts, monitoring and asset register during this term”

She concluded: “Officers involved in helping to sort out common good are Ward Manager, Director of Finance, Director of Audit and Scrutiny, corporate manager, chief executive and legal staff. This is a significant input from Highland Council to sort our historical problems.”

The discussion on Nairn Common Good should be available (perhaps tomorrow) on the Highland Council webcast pages here. The statement made by Michael Green can be read in this article here.