Monday, September 29, 2014

The week ahead - it could be very interesting

The BBC predict a continuation of the warm spell that has kept us in good cheer during the later half of September. The autumn colours and falling leaves give
Nairn Beach Fun late September
the game away and remind you of the time of the year but up at Sandown the plotters were busy in the sunshine making the most of the extraordinary conditions. Down the beach too things were busy with quite a few people even taking a dip in the sea, it had a very summery feel yesterday. One of those taking advantage of the warm conditions was Murd's granddaughter Iona, through from Inverness - see picture on right which our riverside correspondent (on secondment to the seafront) sent us. 

Nairn was at its tourism best yesterday and visitors are still to be seen. The caravan site has another large intake today it it looks as though they will be busy right up to the first week in November when the site shuts. If the BBC forecast is correct (they didn't have us down for the morning rain) then another set of holidaymakers will be delighted. 

Tuesday is a big night for the combined community councils, the Subbies, Westies and Tommy's River CC worthies will all gather in the community centre at 7.30 p.m. tommorro. They will discuss the Nairn South Planning decision, the Nairn Health Care Practice and Patients Participation Group ( some Gurnites will probably want to hear debate on that controversial one and maybe even offer their own thoughts). Other subjects too including A96 congestion. 

On Thursday the local SNP branch have their first post referendum meeting and no doubt they will be expecting to see many new members if Nairnshire's share of the 41,000 new sign-ups across Scotland turn up. That too is in the Community Centre at 7 p.m. Nairn Community and Arts Centre - a very versatile, well equipped venue that is a credit to Nairn. 

And then on Friday (3rd October) between 12 noon and and 7 p.m. the preferred route for the Nairn bypass will be revealed and put on display (also in the Community and Arts Centre). It won't please everybody that is for certain but we will get a good look at how the future of the immediate hinterland in Nairn will look  if the Scottish Government is able to go through with its promise of a Nairn bypass. 

On the sporting front Nairn County will be hoping for some Scottish Cup joy when Huntly come through to Station Park for a tie in that competition. The stakes are high  as County look to have missed the chance of challenging for the top spots in the league this year and have already exited from the North Cup. A cup run would be just the tonic the fans need. 

On Sunday afternoon there will be the Golden awards in the community centre (a very busy place most of the time it indeed is) recognising the service and achievements of older people. The categories of award can be seen in this pervious Gurn post.  

Have a good week Gurnshire and if there is anything else going on please let us know. 


Anonymous said...

Weather or News or Politics - if it is from our State Broadcaster - take it with a large dose of salt!
For News - stick to the Gurn or the Nairnshire Telegraph.
For Politics - use NewsNetScotland or WingsOverScotland.
And for Weather - Check out - Hour by Hour or 10 days ahead.

Anonymous said...

Only a few hours till The Nairnshire hits the news stands. I always get so excited of a Monday night, can hardly wait to read the news. If only I hadn't read most of it in the Gurn first :-(

Graisg said...

Not to worry Anon, the Leopold Street Thunderer can still come up with surprises even in this twitterable facebook age where everyone is the media now :-)

Anonymous said...

Anon 8.15, you missed the latest joked, with some of those suggestions I presume we should be looking to you ;)

Morgan Piers said...

You canna beat The Nairnie for the Indoor bowls results