Monday, September 15, 2014

Action on the Station Brae traffic system - Murd Dunbar clarifies his complaint

Murd Dunbar told the Gurn in relation to the recent discussions at the River Community Council meeting concerning the traffic situation on Station Brae (see Gurn Article here):

"Let me make it quite clear as to what i would like to see removed are the two chicanes. The one on the coming down from Queenspark forces drivers to drive on the wrong side of the road and close to the pavement! The same applies to the one under the bridge. Before drivers could move over away from the pavement. I have no objection to leaving the wider pavement. As for two cars going under the bridge surely that could be left to the driver's own discretion as happened in the past. Coming out of the Balblair road requires a bit of commonsense and that could be helped by removing or possible lowering the wall on the corner to allow better vision (Council property? ) But the removal of the two islands on the brae are A PRIORITY to what I think will prevent some one getting hurt as the situation at the moment is a accident waiting to happen."


Unknown said...

I agree with murd
cars have been going under the bridge for over 50 years and no accidents,now there are near collisions on a daily basis,there was never queues there before this apology of a traffic calming measure was put in place,who decided to make a relatively safe road dangerous?maybe a councillor high on power,its high time it was sorted out,but that will take numerous meetings,and lots of expenses to claim,before anything is done.i thought councillors were elected to help the local community,looks like they promise the world,and once in,,its a case of,feet up and stuff them,look after number one.

Anonymous said...

I agree with Murd too, just make it a 20 mile limit. Why do councillors not stop these mistakes before they are made?

Anonymous said...

And what about all the complaining about how dangerous it was when two cars could pass under the bridge? It was all the complaints which brought traffic calming measures in. Dont forget it was these magical chicanes which prevented the development further up on the basis of traffic issues.


I personally have brought this up at all community council's meetings many times and been told it's being looked into-we have got it covered- it's on the table and it is helping our cause against Nairn South AND Stop HOUSES BEING BUILT.
{No one actually made this statement Let station brae get clogged up never mind if the public are put in danger but that is what is happening } And to my mind that is the reason for nothing being done.
Of course I could be wrong. So a reply correcting me will be most welcome from any of the councillor's. Then all those concerned with SAFETY of all users will know what is planed to resolve the problem apart from removing the dangerous islands???

Anonymous said...

Seems I'm the only one that thinks the new system actually works OK and definitely makes it much easier to come out of Balblair Road

Anonymous said...

Yesterday I was nearly taken out by an driver who pulled out of top chicane and just kept going. I was just about entering under the bridge from town (my right of way) and had to take severe avoiding action.


conformation from anonymous

{Don't forget it was these magical chicanes which prevented the development further up on the basis of traffic issues.}

MURD Yes and with some drivers going up and down just to add to the traffic jams of a well orchestrated protest
Also included was number of wheelchairs the only thing that proved was how dangerous the brae is NOW.
But that was not the issue just simply stop homes being built for those who require them I bet not many of the protesters were requiring a home. NAIRN still requires homes for our young and don't ask could they afford them they can make that decision build them and they will sell.
{PS A wheelchair protest for a ramp at the firhall bridge would not go amiss to help the disabled}