Wednesday, February 14, 2018

ANB "stop the parking meters" public meeting in the Royal British Legion Nairn 13 Feb 2018 - video

The Meeting held by the Association of Nairn Businesses in the legion was well attended.  Nairn's four Highland Councillors were left in no doubt on what the public wanted to do. Questions about how it all happened, comments on how it will affect businesses and the community and suggestions on how Councillors can act to stop it going through in the budget on Thursday at Highland Council headquarters in Glenurquhart Road Inverness. 

The video below comes in a playlist of five sections, when one finishes the other will start automatically.


Local said...

If ever there was an example of a policy which should be decided locally then this is it.

Anonymous said...

That's the nub of the problem.
Nairn has very little control of anything - strategy, policy, practice, resources
We need to let Drew and Fergus know that we want our 8 Highland councils back!

Nosey parker said...

We can gurn all we like but Highland Council have a budget 'black hole' that they need to address.

It's not that the council have been extravagant in their spending. The Tory Westminster government executed a policy of austerity. It didn't work, the UK is trillions in debt (growing) and now locally we're paying for this Tory incompetence.

To totally flip the coin we need to pay more in taxes and follow the example of some Scandinavian countries.

Pay for parking in Nairn, look at the bigger picture

Anonymous said...

It might make more local people walk! The number of local people I see taking their cars with dogs in them to the links/Harbour/Maggot to then take them for a walk! Madness.

I would pay for parking in Nairn, Might be a pain when picking up a Chippy or Chinese though!

Failing that park in someone's drive, Its a civil offense and police not interested.

Remember how they voted said...

The only Nairn councillor to vote against the parking charges today was our slightly contentious Cllr Liz MacDonald. Looking at the video of the meeting held in the Legion it was only Liz who said she was opposed to them but allegedly all for councillors raised their hands in opposition when the vote was held at the end. Can we assume they were too scared to show their true colours or afraid they'd get lynched bu the members of the public that were there. Still three years till we get to vote for them again, but I hope everyone remembers as to how they voted today. Lackeys for Glenurquart Road rather than the people of Nairn. Shameful behaviour on their part.

Graisg said...

To be fair I think they all indicated a degree of opposition at the meeting and at Glenurquhart Road today but it is the vote today that counted. They must be hoping that something can be done still - if it can't it will all end in tears, lots and lots of tears.

There's a lot of anger out there folks, but please chill a bit and express comments politely as you can. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

Maybe, and this is just a thought, if more thought from the local businesses focussed on what the locals needed and not just the tourists, things on the high street would be going a little better. After all, the tourists come and go - the locals are 365 days a year. I realise Nairn is a 'tourist' town and if you come here looking for a cafe and a haircut you are well catered for - how many of these businesses does a town need?! Nairn also caters well for those of a certain age who are not living on the breadline - lets not forget the use of the Nairn foodbank has gone up dramatically. Speaking as a local with children, try getting clothes, shoes etc in town on a tight budget and you have to go elsewhere. Even the charity shops are getting expensive. There is little incentive to use the high street. We do have 'nice' shops, just not necessarily 'everyday' shops, with a few exceptions (Co-op, for example). Another thing drastically missing - for locals and tourists alike: we have a great beach and park, when the weather is good but nowhere indoors to take the kids to play. Yet again, forced to go elsewhere. An indoor play area, small cinema perhaps? At least then, people might feel like they were getting a bit more for their parking money!

Anonymous said...

I heard the Tory man speaking against Nairn's bypass????????????????????????????????
Ia there a need for a Golf Course to be bypassed?
Perhaps it's out of bounds?
None of them have this malarky down to a T ......
3 bogeys and a birdie?
All below par?
Rough, rough, rough?
Better greens required?
Is there not a firm record of who voted for what?

Anonymous said...

Let's just not pay for parking ...they can't arrest us all!

Anonymous said...

Are you calling for Robbie the Pict and Tommy Sheridan?
Could the Community Councils pay them as "consultants"?

Anonymous said...

I really good meeting and well led. Pity the voting didn't go the same way

This needs to be sorted asap