Thursday, February 22, 2018

Royal Bank Closure later this year - Nairn River Community Council to protest on Saturday March 10th

NRCC, at their regular monthly meeting in the Community and Arts centre, last night decided that they would organise a protest outside the Royal Bank of Scotland Branch in Nairn to show their concern at the effect the  intended closure of the branch will have on businesses and individuals in the town. The protest will take place on the morning of Saturday 10th March. 

Recently there was a meeting in the town in which David Richardson of the Federation of Small Businesses and local MP Drew Hendry spoke of the ongoing effect that bank closures were having on rural communities in Scotland and the damage more closures could cause. Video of that meeting here. 


Nairn Mannie. said...

Now, I'm as upset as the next person about the bank closing, but what will this protest (on a day when the bank is shut)actually achieve?

Graisg said...

The cashline machine will still be open Nairn Mannie, won't be there soon though. They've relented on about 10 banks so perhaps Nairn can be added to the list. And if one goes it makes it easier for the rest to make their excuses and leave too. See the video and what Drew Hendry has to say.