Sunday, February 18, 2018

Parking charges for Nairn - BIg turn out possible for Nairn River Community Council meeting on Wednesday night (21st Feb)?

When a controversial subject hits the public domain in Nairn it usually means a good turn-out for the local community council meetings. On Wednesday night in the Community and Arts Centre there will be a meeting of NRCC starting at 7.30 pm.

Item 10 on the agenda states: 

"Updates Parking, Harbour, Public Survey, Scottish Water liaison, RBS closure, NHS Dental Services at Nairn Hospital" . Full agenda here.

So there will be an opportunity to members of the public to react to the decision of three of Nairn's Councillors to vote for a budget that included parking charges for Nairn. Perhaps their decision included a strong hope that they could still do something to stop them as the process is implemented, their strategy seems to have been lost on the majority of residents however, with anger being expressed on social media and in real time too. 

Perhaps Tom, Laurie and Peter will turn up to tell the meeting how they intend to stop the parking charges (after voting for them in the Highland Council's budget). What is the method in their apparent madness? Maybe we will hear more too if they have spoken to Leopold Street's finest for when the Tuesday morning edition hits the streets.