Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Sewage Bridge closure for up to a fortnight - or as the authorities prefer to call it "They Merryton Bridge"

Thanks to Stephen over at the popular NWYWAB page for the picture below. Closed for up to a fortnight according to information posted on the bridge.

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Now there's a point will it be brought up to D.D.A. required standards?

Over the years during my attempts to have a ramp installed at the Firhall Bridge have constantly been told it does not comply with D.D.A.standards owing to it being too narrow for wheelchairs to cross and will require a new bridge before a ramp can be installed?

The Sewage bridge in not as wide. {But wheel chairs can cross} For work to carried out it will NOT have have to meet the same standards or be closed altogether.
By the way I do not believe ether of them do NOT comply at the moment. But who am I
to argue with with them in authority.? But I do when I THINK they are wrong.