Friday, February 02, 2018

Springfield application for 115 houses on Liz's Land - Transport Scotland ask for extension of consultation period

In an e-mail published on the Highland Council's e-planning file for this application Transport Scotland give the planners their reason for asking for an extension to the consultation period:

"The response time will obviously be dependent on the outcome of our audit of the TA. This process would have been assisted had ARUP consulted Transport Scotland when seeking to agree the scope of assessment, particularly given the potential for the proposed development to impact on a sensitive part of the trunk road network. Notwithstanding this, we will liaise with ARUP as necessary and would anticipate being in a position to respond before the end of February."

Gurnites can also read the latest objections to the proposal here on the Highland Council e-planning site.


Planner said...

I've read and re read the Transport Scotland emails; has this request for an extension been granted and if so can the public still submit objections?

Graisg said...

I would imagine they will have to give Transport Scotland more time. However re closing date for submissions, you'd better contact the planning department for that or get one of Nairn's Highland Councillors to do that for you?

Planner said...

Thanks @Graisg, I'll contact Cllr Liz MacDonald then.

Unknown said...

The consultation period has been extended to the 15th February