Friday, February 16, 2018

More water supply problems in Tradespark

Residents again reported loss of water in the Tradespark area as there was yet another problem with the water main in Moss-side Road.

Local resident Nancy told the Gurn of the ongoing situation this has all created:

"It is bad enough trying to negotiate the travel throughout Nairn without suffering burst water pipes 2 days in a row in Tradespark. Once again, Moss-Side Road is being dug up and no water coursing through our taps. The stress is getting to be too much. Disrupted travel plans yesterday as vehicular access cut off to Emily Mews and Charlotte , including extensive flooding of the grounds. Then no water until 3.30 pm. Another burst pipe this morning. It is too much in the 21st century."

Scottish Water have since apologised to residents, a top local newshound who lives locally accepted their apology and replied to them on twitter

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