Saturday, February 03, 2018

"Dozens of community events under threat as new council charging scheme emerges"

Oor Liz is quoted in the P&J:

"Ms MacDonald, who helps organise Nairn’s annual Christmas lights switch-on, added: “For an organisation to be paying £675 for a one off event is unaffordable. At a time when the council is doing less and asking communities to do more, I think it’s unacceptable to charge them as well. It’s too much. It would be the death knell for the events that people work so hard for. It’s hard enough to get volunteers without having to scrape around for money to pay for what the council used to do."

Gurn Opinion, why do the proposed cuts and charges being proposed by the Independent administraiton at Glenurquhart Road  have so much potential to harm communiities? How about the Highland Council's consultants taking a hit instead? Highland Council spent £5.6 million on consultants last year.


Tax said...

I can think of several road closures that happen in Nairn on an annual basis, everything from games day to the craning of boats at the harbour. It'll be the end of some events as the tax will prove to be too much

Anonymous said...

It is at the point now where Highland Council needs completely tearing apart, and something fit for purpose put in its place.

John Urquhart said...

Races could Start and Finish at the Links with routes up the river I suppose leaving High Street open.

Anonymous said...

Can we not just buy some barriers and do it on the cheap :)