Sunday, February 11, 2018

Pre-consultation consultation on where the bairns that would live on Liz's land would go to school?

In that article we quoted the following: "An interesting paragraph appears re school catchment areas. In that document the Transport Planning Team state:

"It is understood that the current primary school catchment for this site will be Auldearn Primary, which would require the provision of transport to and from the school given the location of the site in relation to the school. Subject to this remaining the case, it is recommended that any permission granted is required to agree a suitable level of financial contribution towards the provision of such school transport services supporting this site. The amount and timing of such contributions should be agreed with the Public Transport Team to ensure that the funds can be used in time to provide the necessary services from when units start to become occupied."

Now, interestingly, the Gurn has seen a copy of an e-mail (coming to us from an unreliable source with links to  the  Nairn River Community Council). The e-mail from the Highland Council education folkies to the Community Council talks about changes to school catchment areas and specifically mentions Lochloy:

"Dear Sir or Madam

Highland Council is in the very early stages of considering some changes to the catchment areas of the primary schools around Nairn. These are linked to the development of the Lochloy Housing Estate, and to the re-routing of the A96.

Changes to catchment areas are subject to an extensive statutory consultation process, that involves notification being provided to all parents and all staff of the affected schools, and to local community councils. A public meeting is part of the statutory consultation process. I would stress however, that at this stage we are a long way from even having a Proposal to issue for formal consultation. A statutory consultation exercise has to be approved in advance by the members of Highland Council’s People Committee, and as yet we have not approached the Committee members to seek such approval. 

Prior to approaching elected members, we would like to gather the informal views of local parents and other community representatives. Depending on the views expressed, we might then seek agreement to conduct a statutory consultation exercise.

I would therefore like to meet with the Community Council to outline our thoughts in more detail, and explain the reasons behind them. I would be grateful if you could let me know where and when this would be possible. I can be contacted on 07500 120 271

When discussing this matter with other members of the CC, I would be grateful if you could make it clear that the Proposal has not yet been approved by the Highland Council’s People Committee, and that this approval is required prior to any formal consultation taking place.

I look forward to hearing from you."

So the start of the process begins, wouldn't it been a lot easier if a school had been built up in Lochloy after all as originally planned?  Is there any room left for one now?

Here at the Gurn we find this part very interesting: "Prior to approaching elected members, we would like to gather the informal views of local parents and other community representatives. "   Just a minute shouldn't Nairn's elected members (the four Highland Council ones) be the first people to contact because any councillor at the top of his or her game should surely know what the parents are thinking? 

So readers, education folk are wishing to speak to the community council, if you are a parent with an interest in Nairnshire's cachement areas you may wish to get a seat at that meeting. Parents with bairns at Nairn schools will no doubt be aware of the places and limitations of each school. It says some changes - just how many schools will be affected?  

If Highland Council have detailed plans for where they want bairns to go or to change schools perhaps - shouldn't they just come out with them now?


Nairn when I was a bairn said...

I really don't see what the fuss is about. Young bairns aged five+ in Lochloy would just have to traverse the railway line and then the A96 to get to school in Auldearn, what's the problem? I had to walk to the school and I'm still here

Morton Gillespie said...

Very interesting - sounds like our Schools have a problem in coping with another 115 homes on Liz’s field. It might helpful if it was just kept for the Badgers, Horses and the stray sheep - would avoid a lot of hassle.

Anonymous said...

There is still room for a school to be built, the proposed site is still vacant with a small,play park on it.

Our councillors live in two time zones, the here and the now..... when will they consider the future and ensure HC officers plan for that future

Graisg said...

@Anon, please feel free to contact the Gurn and tell us more re capacities.

who said? said...

Can you think?
Who said

Something you should know is the fact children at the moment are going to Auldearn school by bus from Lochloy . Or as the previous said install a foot bridge and they can walk which will have at least two effects ONE the exercise will do them good
TWO it will cut down the school runs and that in turn reduce the SO called congestion on the road.
Every delay is increasing the cost to them that require A home.
NAIRN REQUIRES 380+ HOUSES just get them built.

Oor Wullie2 said...

Agree with who said? said; there plenty of room for 2 blocks a flats in Shanghi - one at George St/ Anne Crescent corner - a wee triangulur set but hey a hoose is a hoose an another ane at William St/ John Street a funny wee shape but neffer mind. Thats 8 or 10 flats
Aye an doon at the River side beside the Jube theires already a road system built just squeeze some flats in there too maybe get 10 or 20 mair. Change the changing room tae twa ain room doss hooses - perfect.
Right doon the side o the hill on John Street just crying oot for another hunner hooses if we pack them in tight like - get rid o the garages and theires mair yet. Fa needs developurs.

Bulls eye said...

I'd just like to leave a like for Oor Wullie2, he talks sense and clearly should be placed in charge of housing in Nairn

As for Mr 380, he's beginning to sound like some sort of darts player. Still when we see one bus shelter I'll eat ma words

Maw said...

I second that for Oor Wullie2, common sense is a wonderful gift, and he has it in buckets!!!


Oor Wullie
Could be right but has A short memory so let me refresh it for him there was was protesting and DEMONSTRATING about building NAIRN SOUTH and had that stopped owing to the fact the Station brae was not capable of more traffic using it.

There for that puts Shanghi out the window. Church street would put the river side out of the question.
So that leaves us with no alternative but Viewfield with all the infrastructure in place AND IN THE TOWN and schools on the door step. Or Lochloy where people have the alternative to ether turn left and shop in Nairn or right and head for Forres.

Unless Oor Wollie sits on his bucket and can tell us where houses can more sensibly be built.
Instead of taking the the other stuff out and spreading it


Anonymous said...


Please provide the facts that say how many houses are needed in Nairn detailing who needs them, their ages, where they currently live, what their median income is so that we can determine how large these houses need to be etc etc. No forecasts please, just hard facts.

And as for turning right out of Lochloy and heading for Forres', do you actually think that the unclassified road through Kingsteps and Lochloy down to Maviston and brodie is suitable for the anticipated traffic increase?


All the facts you require can be received from freedom of information just ask SENSIBLE questions of what you want to know and they will provide IT'S THE LAW.
P.S they nor me pry into peoples private income. But yes some noes people do!
As for the road not capable of the traffic that can be said of any of the rat runs used at the moment and for going to FORRES take the short cut and join at AULDEARN.

Pleas be careful there might be A horse on the road.
NAIRN NEEDS HOUSING GET THEM BUILT and the longer the wait the more will be needed
and that is a FACT.

Anonymous said...

The beach is shallow too. Pour out a load of concrete and chuck up some flats. GET THEM BUILT.


Now your thinking the harbor is almost beyond use fill it in and you can build flats.
Just a thought as you are running out of sights for housing and it looks like.
Lochloy is the winner. that's where they will go in the end.