Tuesday, February 08, 2005

Always, always, always 5 to 3

The civic symbol that stares down on us remains stuck at 5 to 3. It’s dark now and things are slow in the fish and chip shop but above the hands remain at 5 to 3. Lorries move through town taking advantage of the 5 to 3 thin traffic. Youngsters seek fun and meander aimlessly, their hopes and fears and feelings under the scrutiny of CCTV and the hands at 5 to 3. We’ll sleep soundly tonight tapped in a 5 to 3 universe. The papers will be delivered at 5 to 3. Nairn will come back to life, piece by piece at 5 to 3. You’ll go to work at 5 to 3. Don't try and convince yourself that it isn’t 5 to 3.


Nairn said...

Maybe you should register the film rights ASAP? 5 -3 could be as big as 9 – 5, although for the working person it holds little take as new working hours. Who needs time anyway. Surely this is Nairn leading the way here by the abolition of ‘time’. Just imagine your day is now free. Get up when you want, go to work when you want, check on the red sofa… when you want. (OK, OK… some of us already follow this pattern of free behaviour!)
This is a brave move by those in charge (whoever you might be), and is clearly a huge step forward from say the French governments 35 hour week. Without time we have no set hours to work, in fact no hours for that matter. Clearly this is what our government wants with the introduction of 24/7 opening of bars, and the likes of Tesco have seen this coming with 24/7 stores. So the big players are clearly up for getting rid of time. Bars and supermarkets are now just open when they feel like it. Will this lead to anarchy and people taking to their beds? Groundhog day’ish? Dunno but on the back of this I’m going to have a Christmas holiday tomorrow ☺

Graisg said...

Merry Christmas iright

'Time takes a sofa,
and puts it in your river,
You put on a finger,
And then another sofa...'