Thursday, February 03, 2005

Sofa scandal exposes shallow survey shortcomings

Today many citizens woke up to find a ‘Tackling anti-social behaviour survey’ on their dorstep from our MP David Stewart and the MSP Maureen MacMillan. They must think we’re daft. We know that there is an election coming.
‘We would like to receive your comments on how you think we could better tackle crime to make our community a safer place?’ Well Davy ma loon, if you really want to find out what this community needs, you need to take a walk around yourself and get your wellies on and drag that sofa out of the river – then and only then would I come within spitting distance of even thinking about voting for you or the Liberals either no matter how many nice pictures of them standing by the side of the A96 appear in the local press. Politicians, please treat us as intelligent human beings. Let's here you admit about the stuff you've messed up before you start trying to seduce with spin and surveys!


Nairn said...

Remember - no WMD
My dear friends David (smiley) Stewart MP and Maureen Macmillan MSP sent me a statement and questionnaire today with regard to anti-social behaviour but they completley missed out red sofas. These folk don't seem to have their fingers on the pulse of the community anymore if they haven't included sofas as an anti-social problem. But they are going to further the Police State by bringing in the likes of ASBOs and the Police will be able to move on groups (couldn't it be The Police and then Sting could come along to help). I could be wrong but closing the youth cafe (getting confused here... should that be The Youth Cafe?) and generally knocking back provision for young people surely means if they venture away from TV and computer games there is not alot to do? Waving my liberal (should that be Liberal) flag even more does 24/7 opening of hotels and bars not mean we will see an increased alcohol behavior problem (I know 'oor pin stripe kiltie Jack' said recently is was OK to get blootered). I am now waving my grumpy old git flag as along with a 'never shut the door policy', booze is dead cheap - a bottle of spirits costs less than it did 30 years ago, So maybe the answer is to lower the age that young people can drink so they can all pile in the pubs, then under the new 'closure of premises' measure the Polis can lock them in till they are in a fit state to enter society again e.g. the streets?

Graisg said...

Weel Davy loon, I wonder if there is anybody out there feeling more charitable to you?