Wednesday, February 16, 2005

Signs down and hopes back up

The parking 'two hours only' signs are down but hopes are high. The Council have been speaking to Somerfield. Sandy Park is quoted in a Nairn Weekly newspaper as saying:
'It was a very encouraging meeting.'

This contrasts badly with the disgraceful spin an Inverness Bi-weekly was trying to put on the situation last week. So if you want the latest news, stay faithful to the Nairnshire and their fearless truthseekers and put the Inverness propaganda in the wheelie bin.
But remember, like shares, signs and hopes can go up as well as down. Might be no need for a save '*****field' - please insert 'View', 'Show' or 'Sandown' according to your preferences or the latest rumour or speculative report in an Inverness paper!


bloonurn said...

why try and save any of our fields? Just build on them now. They will be developed one day the way things are going. I say turn each one into a supermarket and be done with it, then we can move onto more imporant things

Nurngal said...

I'm going to be careful what I say in Nairn now - I hear there are people working for an Inverness bi-weekly in our midst and their numbers are growing.
Good old Nairnshire - always up to date.
Aren't Highland Council looking for somewhere for an incinerator - we've got too many fields as bloonurn said - we could help