Tuesday, February 08, 2005

Out of time and space

It feels so odd and personal when the town clock is not working. It is a shame it seems to break down every now and then, gives a bad impression. Just doesn't feel right when you hit the High Street at six a.m. just to be confronted with the landmark telling you it is only 5 to 3.

Just a little gurn today.


Nairn said...

Guess it could be worse if it chimed loudly!


I wonder how many people still gaze up to look at the time (even if it is wrong)? Still amazes me that we use digital alarm clocks that seem to take hours to reprogram if you want to change the alarm or time (why can't you scroll backwards as well as forwards).
Who is in charge of Nairn town clock? Please step forward and fix it, and if you know anyone who deals with red sofas :-)

Graisg said...

Let's hope it gets fixed before all remaining vestiges of power go to Inbhir Nis.

They won't even let us repair our Bailey Bridge so the sofa has no chance of financial assistence. It's a poor shame indeed. Now if we could get bi-lingual signs directing the tourists to the sofa things would start to look up!