Friday, February 11, 2005

Inverness based bi-weekly speaks to Provost.

'Hopes fade over Nairn superstore' quotes the said paper and our Provost is quoted too. Sandy says:
'The Somerfield site was part and parcel of the land package we needed and if the company is content to stay where it is it makes the town centre site unachievable.'
So there is the latest news on the supermarket situation, hope is fading fast but that still leaves Viewfield in the frame and Sandown too and for a real outsider bet 'The showfield?' again? End of the dream for the town centre but the start of a new saga elsewhere or as the Inverness newspaper says in the depths of its editorial this week.
'Indeed does Nairn need a superstore? It already has Somerfield and residents will always travel to Inverness for many of their shopping needs.'
Nice attitude that! ok if you have a car and the money to travel and of course the mental fortitude to cope with the traffic jams and the crowds. Nice to know they are concerned. That really is the last thing we need, Inverness newspapers telling us what we need in Nairn, we are quite capable of making our own mess without anyone chipping in. Something will eventually happen one way or another even if it means another 500 letters of protest heading for Glenurquhart Road. Shove off Inverness, we'll deal with this ourselves.
Freedom for Nairn!

Still 5 to 3.

Not much movement here.

Riverside paths.

A mess in places where it never was a mess before and worsening all the time. Could the person that instigated the path improvement scheme please go back and look at the result? The path surface needs raising here and there otherwise it will become a complete quagmire.

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