Tuesday, February 01, 2005

August the 23rd – a day to take the cd’s upstairs?

I was speaking to a knowledgeable sort of chap this morning, a man that knows a little about the environment and keeps his ear to the ground, I discovered that he believes that Aug 23rd will see the heavenly bodies aligned up to give us a tide 2 meters higher than normal. Is there anyone out there with knowledge of the marine ecosystems etc (the like of some of our outstanding citizenry that make regular comments on this blog) who can confirm this? Readers of Old Moore’s Almanac may also have valuable information.

Seriously folks – is it true and do the authorities know?


Nairn said...

Had thought that our tides are governed by the moon and to some extent hi/low pressure, plus wind direction and speed? Not aware that other planets have much of a gravitational pull upon the earth. The normal tidal range is around 3m, so an extra 2m by my math would mean something with the gravitational pull of a small moon falling into line!
A quick look at tide tables suggests that authorities who publish such material are unaware of any exceptional tides on that date but to be safe I will spend the night on a boat rather than at home :-) I would also convert all your CDs into modern day digital format and store on a server somewhere high up and safe. There again if the tides are that high most of the coastal areas of the UK will be covered so it will probably be a long time before you are able to play them again. Maybe you could learn guitar and do cover versions of all your favourite songs? August ain't far away

Graisg said...

Thank you citizen, your selfless service to the community knows no bounds - eat two custard slices to-day!