Saturday, February 05, 2005

More about our MP

Here's a fab web page about our MP David Stewart. Some good stuff and some bad. Hardly ever rebels about the Party it seems. And free use of Inverness staff airport car park - a site worth a browse.


Nairn said...

Missing the point
I’m registered with Telephone Preferences Service (free - stops 99.9% double glazing calls etc) and was surprised when one evening I received a phone call for someone phoning on behalf of Mr Stewart MP wanting to canvass my opinions with regard what political party I might vote for etc. Unhappy that the TPS doesn’t seem to stop politicians interrupting my evening with the hard sell of politics I emailed Mr Stewart raising this point as well as others (war etc.)

His reply was:

When you registered with the Telephone Preference Scheme (TPS) you are advised that registering with TPS will not stop calls from market research or any other non-direct marketing calls and in order to stop these calls, you will need contact the companies concerned directly.
The call you received from the Labour Party was not a marketing call. Asking questions about your voting intentions is not selling and promoting as you suggest in your email.

My email to him:

I was disturbed this evening by one of your staff telephoning me to ask questions from what was obviously a rote list about my voting intentions.

I was surprised by the call as having registered my number with the Telephone Preference Service. I had thought I was immune from 'cold' sales calls but it would seem teams trying to promote and sell politicians are immune from this law?

As the caller had a tick box agenda I would just like to make it transparently clear that in light of the war in Iraq you will never ever enjoy my vote again.

I am writing this as New Labour are killing people in Iraq in the name of what? Millions of UK citizens marched and held vigils against the war but were ignored by this government. You have clearly become the party of power rather than one that listens to its people.


No mention of the war then David! And as mentioned before registering with TPS has stopped the great majority of cold calls except New Labour :-( To be honest I am totally jaundiced by politics, would only know who not to vote for at the next election!

Graisg said...

Never had a junk phone call from them but had the 'red-rag' through the door: how they lovingly exploit the title:-) But no mention of the war in that. I don't know how many politicians have forgotten the war but I don't think many voters have. It remains to be seen however if that will be the main issue of this forthcoming campaign in Nairn or if things like the A96 are more interesting to people.
I agree who do you vote for - I like the SNP guy and the only reason I will probably vote for him is that he spent two years of his life learning Gàidhlig full-time - putting one's time where the mouth is so to speak and he is a nice guy but apart from that I feel that the SNP is simply a 'New Labour' in waiting ready to run an independent Scotland in the same way - they don't impress me either and the others just make me laugh - even the greens and the ex Tommy fan club.
Better change the subject?
Bloody sofas!