Friday, February 25, 2005

Town centre gets Euro kick in the guts!

Breaking news in town that the £3 million community centre plan has been refused European aid of £750,000 towards the cost of the project – the reason given is that this area is too wealthy to qualify. Further money was to come from the sale of Sandown which is potentially delayed as well by a legal objection and a decision from the Scottish Land Court will not be forthcoming until at least May.
This puts in doubt the £250,000 that Highlands and Islands enterprise were willing to put in on condition of European funding being available
The town centre renewal dream drags on and on and one or two people have concerns about the direction of the whole project now. Perhaps the councillors should call another Town meeting and once again seek the blessing of the community? It would certainly save any more grief further down the line.
In the meantime does this put the proponents of the Viewfield Supermarket in a stronger position?

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Nairn said...

Maybe it should be renamed Inverness and ... Enterprise. Inverness centric comes to mind as a phrase as Nairn looks like just becoming a housing estate for Inverness