Thursday, February 17, 2005

Cross about the redundant Mercat cross

Ok there is the need to be thinking macro where food retailing is concerned but this blog would make a plea for the micro to be served as well. Bring back to life the ancient Mercat Cross outside the courthouse and let’s have a weekly market where the people of Nairnshire can buy and sell food from this area. We need more choice when it comes to fresh food, so why not be brave and set up a dozen stalls in the High Street once a week. The shops have nothing to fear, apart from more people coming into the town centre to spend money. Let’s be bold, so come councillors and businessmen, heed the call…..
….Just another dream - in reality better off with another consultant’s report?


Nairn said...

A market with local food produce available would be great (say every Saturday?). There has been some attempts through the monthly farmer’s markets in Inverness and Elgin but these are a) monthly (need to be weekly) b) tend to err towards selling upmarket products, and are not in Nairn. Local food for local people? Currently even if you can find local produce the chances are it has been shipped miles, sometimes even abroad to be cleaned, packed and returned to us. Meanwhile supermarkets squeeze farmers and you haven’t got to travel very far around Nairn to see tons of carrots – wrong shape/size allegedly for us to eat either dumped to rot or to be used as animal feed
This is a big yes please to a weekly Nairn food market (will we be able to park for longer than two hours?)

Graisg said...

Are you listening to the voice of the bloggers Highland Council,

We have spoken and we are three!
But many more agree
Let the Mercat Cross free!
Let thy voters' diet healthy be