Friday, February 04, 2005

Sofa - At last picture shows the awful truth

Sofa Scandal Day 11

This blog apologises for technical difficulties that prevented us from bringing you visual evidence of the danger facing us all. Our technical teams were working round the clock consulting html experts throughout the world and scanning all the technical resources the world wide web has to provide. At last the fruits of their long hours of struggle are to be seen on the blog.
The authorities are still failing to act and the only hope now is that David Stewart MP or some aspiring Prospective Parliamentary candidate will don wellies and do something for the community they aspire to represent. Keep on this blog for further breaking news on the sofa this weekend.

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Nairn said...

Crickey - I just hope this doesn't turn out to be a chez lounge or we'll be getting bus loads of furniture twitchers turning up!