Friday, February 04, 2005

Blog fails in Daily Mission so discusses Gàidhlig census figures

This morning the Blog editorial team woke up with nothing to complain about. It is hoped this situation will not remain for long. The weather is however, ‘caran mossach’, or dreich in the language that 100% of the population would understand as opposed to the 2% thereabouts in Nairn that understand, speak or read Gàidhlig or even combinations of those three. Did you know however that in 1891 27.07% in Nairnshire spoke Gàidhlig and even still 5.91% in 1931? There was no census in 1941 and by 1951 it was down to 1.69 % and remains around that to this day. Sometimes you hear the opinion that Gàidhlig was never anything to do with Nairn; the census figures prove otherwise.
If by any chance you are interested in learning Gàidhlig in Nairn there is an article about classes available in the town in the January archives of this blog

But back to the business in hand. Is there anyone out there that can save the day and submit a good gurn?

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Nairn said...

Smoking Gurn
Having found two discarded cigarette packets in my front garden this week, emblazoned in large letters with the hint ‘Smoking Kills’ I uncharitably fleetingly thought to myself ‘I right, but no soon enough’
Smokers are getting a hard deal these days. Despite discarded fag packets they are mainly social animals and want the right to gather in groups with their addiction in bars and many other public areas. As people I don’t mind them, I even have a few friends who are… smokers. If smoke was self contained and only affected the person on the end of the lit device I might not feel so anti the habit. But it doesn’t, it wafts no matter how good the air conditioning into my space, my lungs. To avoid smoke I tend to stay away from public places where smoking is currently permitted. This makes me a very unsocial person at times, and indeed this attitude excludes me from many events I would like to attend. It’s not that I especially mind stinking of other folks smoke the next day (OK – I do) but like many of the populace I suffer from asthma. Subjecting myself to enclosed smoking guarantees I will be physically ill the next day. Smokers can always leave a non-smoking space to go outside, but I don’t have that same freedom in a smoking venue (Well I do – I just stand outside and never go in).
I understand that the proposed banning of smoking in many public places must seem very threatening to smokers as it is a strong addiction/habit, but the majority of the population do not have the need to puff – how times and attitudes have changed in the past ten years.
But what is the resolve? Bar owners are frightened they will lose sales, but that then brings in a whole new issue of over indulgence of alcohol. The warning shot is already stamped on some bottles of booze with regard to how many units are currently seen as safe (well done coop). How long before your poison really is regarded as well… poison?