Wednesday, February 02, 2005

By-pass: Fishertown the Taboo route – Why?

Think of the benefits if the A96 were to follow the logical but unspeakable route. I was when I walked up the High Street this morning and saw the tremendous holiday bargains in Macraes Travel’s window. Quick and easy access to Inverness for the Fishertown professionals if the dual carriage way were to run along the beach. If it were made 30 feet high we would also have a sea defense for no extra charge and no worries about replacing the Bailey bridge either. So come on let’s hassle our elected representatives on this one. Government funding would be available for a casino on the links and there would be no need for houses on the Carse if we had a nuclear power station there too.

We will probably get casinos and nukes all over Scotland anyway if Labour get back in so let's be first in the queue and reap the benefits

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Nairn said...

Great idea! Many Glasgow folk still troop north for a holiday in Nairn and a motorway running along the beach would make them feel very at home. A roundabout to swing off to Dalcross airport would be useful. Could the nuclear power station also be fueled by toxic waste? And could there be a visitor centre to rival that at say Dounreay (Have to think of al these thing sin the early stages of planning).