Wednesday, February 09, 2011

Backdown on Classroom Assistants tomorrow?

The BBC is reporting this evening:

"BBC Scotland understands that in a series of pre-budget meeting discussions Liberal Democrat councillors have proposed a compromise to the plans.
Parents on Skye have staged protests twice this week over the planned cut to classroom assistants.
A group of parents from Thurso had also been preparing to join demonstrations in Inverness on Thursday as councillors met to discuss cuts and the local authority's budget for 2011/12." More here.
Graham Marsden indicated at the West CC meeting this evening that some sort of review was being planned. Could the Highland Council administration's cuts proposals be unravelling as a wave of outrage sweeps the Highlands? No doubt more will be revealed at 10.30 a.m. tomorrow.

The parents from Thurso will be joining those from Skye, Inverness and elsewhere in the Highlands tomorrow and over 200 demonstrators have pledged on Facebook to turn up to protest at the planned closure of the National Centre for Traditional music based at Plockton. Trade Union protesters have also promised to be outside the council headquarters. It could be a very busy day tomorrow along at Glenurquhart Road.


Anonymous said...

2011 might be the Chinese year of the Rabbit but I think the year of the ELECTION has focussed the discussions at the pre-budget meeting.
Never the less a DEMONSTRATION will still be required to ensure an acceptable compromise by councillors.

Nairnac said...

In case anyone hasn't seen them, listed below are the salaries of the senior directors at HC HQ.

No cuts to their income from last year to this I note.

If any of them show their faces at any public 'consultations' they could be asked if they would accept a, say, 20% cut to help lessen the impact on front line services. Just to see what their reaction would be.

Senior Management Salaries :

Chief Executive
2009/10 Salary : £140,112.00
2010/11 Salary : £140,112.00

Depute Chief Executive and Director of Finance
2009/10 Salary : £115,995.00
2010/11 Salary : £115,995.00

Assistant Chief Executive
2009/10 Salary : £105,450.00
2010/11 Salary : £105,450.00

Director of Education, Culture and Sport
2009/10 Salary : £105,450.00
2010/11 Salary : £105,450.00

Director of Housing and Property 2009/10 Salary : £105,450.00
2010/11 Salary : £105,450.00

Director of Planning and Development
2009/10 Salary : £105,450.00
2010/11 Salary : £105,450.00

Director of Social Work
2009/10 Salary : £105,450.00
2010/11 Salary : £105,450.00

Director of Transport, Environmental and Community
2009/10 Salary : £105,450.00
2010/11 Salary : £105,450.00

Hardly 'all in it together' with the classroom assistants.