Wednesday, February 23, 2011

NICE notes from the 17th

Here's the notes from the latest NICE meeting. NICE is moving forward with an initiative to canvass public views on how to respond to the 'Call for sites' invitation from the Highland Council (that is part of the development of the local plan apparently). It does get a bit difficult trying to follow all this as the technical jargon piles up but NICE do make efforts to translate their continuing efforts to talk to the planners in their own language.
NICE now has over a hundred members and 25 people attended the last meeting, is that enough to give NICE the long-term staying power it needs or will membership numbers have to go much higher than that? Things are obviously a bit beyond what oor Sandy would call "the usual suspects" now but can NICE become big enough to morph into a long-term mainstream organisation with staying power and the ability to accurately reflect, distill and represent Nairn public opinion? The town has great need of such an organisation that's for sure but the difficulty is that we, quite often, as a community know what we don't want but do we know what we do want when it comes to what we think should be developed and what shouldn't and just how many of us are prepared to participate in debate on the pros and cons outlined by NICE?

The next meeting of NICE will be on Friday 25 Feb from 17.00 to 18.45 in the Community Centre. Use it or lose it?

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