Thursday, February 10, 2011

A Vision for “Nairn South”

One of the pages of the Balblair masterplan

On Tuesday night Nairn River CC and members of the public were given a presentation by Muir Smith Evans, Planning and Development consultants, of how local resident and landowner Charles Allenby feels Nairn's development should proceed.

Obviously there are quite a few issues around what will and won’t happen in the area that has been termed “Nairn South ” and many of them were discussed at the Community Council meeting. If we have time here at the Gurn we will post a little more information from the meeting.

The Gurn has obtained a copy of the document shown to the meeting. Why not have a look at the proposal, online now in googledoc format, just click here to browse this document This observer feels that above all else we should welcome the proposed lower density of the proposal and consider it as a very good initiative to promote further debate on how Nairn South (that would be Inbhir Narann a Deas on the bilingual signs) should proceed.

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Graisg said...

@Anon 08.03 p.m.
You mention
1)possible objections from Firhall residents, well they are an organised group and more than capable of articulating their case should they be concerned.
2)The money the landowner might make, well yes, people do make money out of selling land for development.
3) Whether people would want to live next to Gordons etc, etc. Well Gordons were there first and they are of vital economic importance to Nairn and thus so be it if houses were ever built on that field.